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  • JimmiXzSw on 2017-Feb-19 12:34:35 JimmiXzSw said

  • Wiseman on 2017-Mar-19 21:02:42 Wiseman said

    I’m Sorry to say that I did not like it. You can read about my feelings re: it on my blog. It gave me a splitting headache. And the Academy, being average age, 80(at that’s an estimate on the YOUNG side) is not gonna get it either. They don’t like the Internet. They don’t know what Facebook even is. Many of their older members are not online at all and don’t even own computers. Though they won’t admit it. I liked Armie Hammer, Justin T & Andrew Ga2rield&#8f17;s performances however.
  • Barneyxcq on 2018-Feb-17 19:36:19 Barneyxcq said