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Musica pro Sancta Cecilia is a vocal–instrumental ensemble, which aims especially at an interpretation of Gothic, Renesance and Baroque music.

Various music pieces by Alessander Orologi, Jean Planson, Šimon Lomnický, Melchior Franck, Adam Michna z Otradovic, Karel Václava Holana Rovenský, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Friedrich Händel, Claudius Monteverdi, Archangelle Corelli, Antonio Vivaldi and many others are in their repertory.

The ensemble was formed in 1992 at the Jan Deyl Conservatory for the visually handicapped and was named in 1994 after St. Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians. Most of the members of the ensemble teach music at primary schools of art in or near Prague and dedicate their free time to the ensamble.

The recording was made in the auditorium of the School for the Blind at Loretánské square in Prague 1. We would like to thank Mrs. Alna Machová, Mr. Jiří Machota and Mr. Tomáš Pavlán for creating a wonderful atmosphere and for their help with the recording. We would also like to extend our thanks to Mr. Jan Hájek MA, the school principal, for his warm welcome and for willingness with which he lent the schools's premises.


Zbigniew Janusz
        artistic director of the ensemble, singing, recorders, psalterium, percussions

Jiří Červený
        violoncello, viola da gamba

Petr Mach
        baroque recorders, baroque cross flute

Marie Machová
        singing, percussions

Marie Nováková
        singing, percussions

Eva Špačková
        violin, viola, percussions

Jana Hrdličková
        singing, recorders

Anna Štiblická

Lýdia Kiktová

Iveta Sedláčková

Sára Haspeklová

Ĺ imon Tamaki
        lute, theorba

Jiří Machota
        vocal, flute

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